Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Brain fog and Blessings

Obviously, blogging went straight to the bottom of my priority list this semester.  Even if I had tried to blog, I'm not sure I've had the extra brain space to come up with a creative thought!  You've gotta love brain overload!  

The reason:
As a youngster, my parents warned me about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  It was an effective scare tactic for me.  But I think they may have forgotten about another potential problem area.  I'm almost positive now, that potty training a little one kills this mother's brain cells.  This semester has proved doubly challenging, as I've been "finishing" the late-trainer's new potty habits, and beginning training with her early-trainer (for me) sister.  The littlest one has proved the easiest to train of all my sweethearts, but a late-developing hiccup has presented itself.  So, I've essentially been potty training two at the same time, with coordinated accidents.  One day, they'll both do perfectly, and then the next day, they try to outdo each other with oopsies of all kinds.

On the other end of the spectrum, I've got a high school Junior, with whom I am walking down the uncharted path of ACT's, CLEP tests, Scholarship applications, and the search for direction in colleges and majors.  And then there is everyone in between.

We also communicate a GREAT deal at our house.  So, besides the usual noises that go on in a house full of 8 people, we discuss, and discuss, and discuss, which is how I want it to be.  And with three little girls that have been bountifully blessed with the gift of nonstop gab, and an eleven year old boy who is a self-described chatterbox... and piano playing, music-listening, tickle chasing, etc, etc, etc... whew!  We've got a lot of sounds and action going at our house!

I find myself fuzzy in the head, and fantasizing about a dream vacation at the end of most every day, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I have no struggle this year-end at figuring out which goals to set for the new year...

Simplify as much as I can, in order to appreciate my todays.  Lord, help me to know how to fashion my days, my thoughts, my prayers... 

The good news:
I still have little ones to potty train!  I remember praying for more babies, when I only had three children.  When I cried out to God, I hoped for at least one more.  And look at me now... three little princesses are running around my house!  I can imagine what I might be feeling right now, getting a son prepared for college, if I didn't have younger ones and lots more years of homeschooling memories to make.

It is such an extreme pleasure to watch my son come into his own.  To see him carefully and thoughtfully making wise decisions about his future!  And what a privilege it is to get to be the one who helps him work through all of the unique challenges that college prep presents.  Having such a good boy makes it such a proud mom moment.

We do communicate at our house!  This has always been my homeschool mom dream.  I love to discuss, and my awesome kiddos have allowed me to teach them in a way that makes learning about real life.  Oh, how thankful I am that we talk about everything!

Yes, I'm foggy, fuzzy, and not very creative right now, but how very blessed I am!

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