Monday, July 21, 2014

So much to share

Oh, how I miss blogging!!!

While I've been busy trying to keep afloat in the wavy waters that have become my challenging but so blessed life, the world of blogging has become serious business!

So many amazing women are writing words that provoke thought, bring tears, heal hearts.  Others are using their blogs to successfully add to their family's income.  And others are helping us with wonderful advice on cooking, parenting, homeschooling, spiritual issues.  It would be dangerous for me to go down the road of comparing their accomplishments to what I wish I could accomplish in my own writing. Thankfully, God has brought me to the place (or the age, since I'm getting OLDer!) where I can rejoice for them, and be content with my little journal here online, without letting that comparison thing keep me from moving forward with my own projects.

I cannot reenter this medium with the excellence I might have imagined as my goal.  So, once again, I dive into blogging- just dive on in...for me.  Maybe for me and my mom... and a few sweet relatives and friends.

   So I can document what is going on in my life, my family.
   So I can think out loud.
   So I can share.

I would love to share the huge challenges and changes that I have been through these last few years.  The amount of information and stories I want to write about could fill volumes!  The unwrapping of these thoughts will be difficult to prioritize, and will be much more scattered than I would like.  But I am ready to begin trying to put some of this into words... for me. There are so many different topics I want to touch on.  So many things I've seen and learned.  So many things I've been through, and am going through.

Children have been growing, homeschooling has been happening, health challenges have arisen, and God has been teaching and healing.

So, if you follow me, please extend some grace my way!  The posts may seem vague at times, because there's so much to tell, and it would be impossible to go into enough detail in each post.  This will be a gradual unveiling, and it will take some time to paint the full picture of what's been going on the last few years, and what things look like now.

I am certain that I will be inconsistent on topics (everything from homeschool lesson plans- to cultured vegetables- to gene mutations!) and order of events. I will have days of eloquence and days of struggling simplicity.  But I will just write as often as I can. I may also be less than stellar in my editing, since I am going to be pushing my limits to write at all, and in my haste may not notice my own mistakes.  But I'm ready to be back to blogging-- I'm taking a deep breath... and diving in!
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