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Sunday, April 1, 2012

My 40th!

My birthday started early this year, with a nice long weekend spring break trip to Branson, Mo.  The drive through the Ozark mountains was breathtaking, with the bright green rolling hills, budding trees, white dogwoods, beautiful redbuds, blue skies, and the perfect temperatures.  Before the trip, my husband treated me to an early gift of some spending money for a shopping spree, and he let me know that when we got back home, the maids would be cleaning my house for my birthday!  He's a keeper!

The day of my birthday was wonderful, with a house being cleaned from top to bottom, a lunch with my dear parents-in-law, phone calls from my precious mother & father and my cherished grandmother, a very quiet afternoon in which to read (!), and it ended in a lovely, memorable evening!  One of my very best friends invited our family, including Kurt's parents, who were visiting, to a birthday dinner in my honor.  

I had told Kurt not to throw me a party, because all I could imagine was one of those black balloon birthday parties, since I'm hitting the big 4-0.  I secretly thought about how one day it might be fun to have a real cake ordered, since they make them so pretty now, instead of our usual birthday tradition of making a simple homemade cake the night before, and having cake for breakfast.  I love our tradition, but the realization that my sweet friend, Joyce, was planning a birthday dinner complete with birthday cake had me abandoning my thoughts of the black balloon cake or the breakfast cake, excitedly!
One of my secret birthday wishes... a beautiful cake!
In Joyce's living room... look at that view!
My crew with my friend's awesome young adult children
Joyce's family with mine

My sweet bunch with the digital photobook Joyce helped them make for me
With my love...
The "10 Reasons I Love You" photo storybook from Kurt 
Thanks for helping make my birthday special, Joyce!
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