Saturday, June 26, 2010

My flowers!

My Sydney has a plaque hanging in her room that says, "If little girls were flowers, I would pick you!"

She had some fun taking pics of the three little flower girls...

Thanks for being such a great big sister, Syd! I'm glad God "picked" you for me!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Campaign's over- political life's just getting started

I didn't realize how much our lives would change when God called my husband to run in the race for Congress! Officially, the campaign is over; but people have gotten to know him and his particular strengths. So, not braggin' or anything... but yay for my incredible man!!! It's almost four weeks after the primary election, and he's still making news. Here is today's paper...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Congressional Campaign Snapshots

I'm sure I will post more in the future about our family's life on the campaign trail. But for now, here is a peek into February through mid-May of our life...

Here is Kurt on filing day in Little Rock

National Day of Prayer gathering

Video interview with Jerry Cox of Family Council

Our sign at a Tax Day Tea Party event

Janie hangin' out in the sling at the Tax Day event

Austin on Tax Day (he was a great campaigner!)

Star Power! Patrick Hall of American Idol fame was Kurt's campaign manager, and Josh Duggar helped with the campaign also. Good guys!

On stage with Dick Morris

Working the phones at campaign HQ


I'm not a cat person. I tried a couple cats as fur babies before we started having kids, and we somehow always got the bad ones that messed all over the house. But about a year ago, a pathetic little orange kitten with matted eyes showed up in our woods. She needed us, and she was really so sweet that we let her stick around. Frisky has been a very good cat, and we decided, after much begging from some of the children, that we would let her have one round of kittens before we got her fixed.

Well, our little kitty-momma is barely out of the kitten stage herself, but she did a super job! She blew up like a balloon, birthed four kittens by herself early one morning, and now nurses and watches over her babies attentively. She does look tired and worn out now most of the time now. Her hair looks wild, her sides hang loose, and she has new knowing look in her eyes. I really never thought I would be blogging about or even complementing a silly cat (don't hate me, cat lovers). But since I have recently given birth, and am still a nursing mom myself, I find myself feeling for all that our Frisky is going through.

I said all that to say, my heart hurts just a little bit today. Two of our little furballs went out the door in a cardboard box this morning. I thought I would feel relieved to have two less animals around, since we seem overrun now that the kittens have taken our grand total of pets to 10! But it's just unsettling watching a family be separated. My hormones and motherly feelings that are so strong when I'm nursing are making way more out this than they should. In my mind I know that it's not the same for a cat that it would be for me. But in my "Mom's Heart" I imagine what it would feel like to have two of my children just disappear! Aaahh!

Frisky is looking for her kittens. She is looking in all the usual places, meowing for them... gulp. I'm glad all four didn't leave at once, and if my daughter has her way, we will keep one. In the meantime, I will try to remember that they are not humans and this happens all the time. I think I'll call today to schedule Frisky to see the vet ASAP. I see retirement in her near future.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


The Diploma!

I was asked to give a graduate testimony

With my encourager and supporter...

With my wonderful parents and sweet little Janie

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

'09-'10 School Year

So... I never thought I would say something like this, but homeschooling was NOT the thing that got most of my energy and attention this school year. The children did fine, and got most of their work done. But my high, idealistic standards were nowhere near met this year. God had a more hands-on, real life learning year in store for us. Of course, the lessons learned in those times are usually the best lessons of all.

Along with giving birth in the middle of August, I had to work with little Janie on some nursing difficulties. I invested a great deal of time and effort to keep my little darling breastfeeding and gaining weight. Breastfeeding troubles in the first few months can really try a mother's emotions, but I could feel God sustaining me through it. I felt like I was right in the middle of a miracle! I knew just what lesson I was learning as it was happening. I could clearly tell that I had to trust in God for the motivation and direction that I needed to make decisions on what to do about daily challenges. I had no choice but to have total dependence on God if I wanted nurse my baby, which was definitely my hopefull desire. Thank you God, for seeing us through that!

Besides the incapacitating nursing situation, five other kiddos with needs, and trying to homeschool, there were two other major life experiences going on this school year.

I mentioned in earlier posts that I was going to finish my degree this year. That experience felt a little less miraculous. I did it... I got straight A's... but I did have my moments of frustration and stress. I felt some guilt on this one stealing from our homeschool. It wasn't a neccessity to finish my schooling right at this time. But the opportunity presented itself, and it seemed like a shame not to take advantage of the program that became available to me. In a way, I thoroughly enjoyed handing in my work and getting graded and praised for a job well done. Actually, I may have enjoyed that a little more than I should have. But it really comes down to God working in me there too, and even though I didn't feel real spiritual when I was shoo-ing the kids out of the room so I could do my homework, I know there is no way I could have finished in my own power... I just don't have that much energy and brain power! And I called out for God's grace and mercy to cover my parenting gaps on this one as it distracted me from my real job more than I would have liked.

The other major project in my life this school year was political. In January, my husband decided to make a run for U.S. Congress. When he asked me if I was up for a political campaign, I had no idea what I was saying "why not?" to. I could tell my husband was right on about God's direction on it, so I stepped forward in faith. I knew God wouldn't give me more than I could handle! Kurt actually told me that he would take care of the campaign, so I could keep on track with my college classes. Realistically I should have known that it wouldn't be quite that simple, but when it comes to leaps of faith, ignorance is bliss, and then God steps in! I felt God completely carrying me through what could have been the craziest four months of my life. Again, I could feel myself being sustained in away like I have never experienced before.

In the middle of May, I graduated and the campaign came to an end. I am now attempting to transition back to a "normal" life. I will be extending our school year through the summer, because there are things I want to cover before we start next year. But things feel different now. I am suspicious that God has a new normal for me. It seems as though, even though my flesh would love to reach back into the past that seemed like a simpler time, God is ever moving me forward, stretching me and pulling me. I am so greatful for the flexibility that comes with homeschooling, and that we can, if we will, submit to God's plans and timing for our family.
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