Tuesday, March 13, 2012

At The Villages with Grandma & Grandpa (Vacay Part 1)

After seven years of wishing, hoping, and planning, we finally got our Florida vacation! This was a long time coming, let me tell you! And I've got lots of pics to share.

The pics in this post are of our visit to see my parents at the new home in The Villages. This place is amazing! And it's always amazing to spend time with my incredible Mom & Dad!

In The Villages, so many of the residents use golf carts to get around within the property, which is a city all it's own.
Here are the girls, ready for their first golf cart ride 

My beautiful Sydney with Grandma & Grandpa

Walking around one of the many town squares within The Villages

In Spanish Springs square

Kids & Grandparents!

Janie & Grandma taking a break from looking at the shops

Kurt & some of the kiddos behind our cart

Macy lost her second tooth in Florida!

Wind blown as we buzz around town

Grandpa takes the front cart for our first time through the turn-a-bout

Janie learned how to grab a rest while you can, when you're on vacation

See the cars and golf carts driving together?  This is how they roll in The Villages.

Off to check out another town square!

A rowing team out past the dock... what a way to spend retirement!  Either on a rowing team, or cruising along the dock. They've got something for everyone... including dance teams, belly dancers, and Bible studies.  How do you like that?!

All of us!

enough said...

My look-a-like girls

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