Monday, January 5, 2009

Just David

Even though it's been a month since we finished Just David as our read-aloud, I want to take a moment to pass along a recommendation. The book was written by Eleanor Porter, who wrote Pollyanna. It's a touching story about a boy who is raised in an unconventional way (sound familiar?). He is thrust into awkward relationships with people who don't understand his strange (but very positive) outlook on life and the world around him. I got a bit impatient waiting for quite a few chapters for SOMETHING good to happen to this poor little boy, but once things finally started to look up for him, I didn't mind the build up. It was a good balance in the end between the bad things that can happen in this fallen world and the good that comes from a pure heart. This is a very sweet book, and it had us squeezing in extra reading time each day towards the end because we just had to see how it ended.

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