Monday, June 8, 2009

Long time coming

The last few months' blogs have not made it from my mind to the computer, but I have been blogging! Bloggers think in blog form. When I made a great new recipe for dinner; or a gorgeous salad made with my own garden-grown lettuce; or adapted a recipe to the taste of our family... I blogged the my mind as I fell asleep in bed. When I planned and gave my husband's grad-school graduation party I thought of many aspects of the planning and my pride in his accomplishment and blogged about it all... in my mind as I packed the kids' clothes for our camping trip. When we went camping, I payed attention to the details of our family's first time in our new camper. I took pictures and savored the memories to record in my blog... in my mind as I made the hamburger patties to put on the grill. When I felt the precious little baby squirming away inside of me and took in the magic of the miracle that is a new life I carry with me everywhere I go, I blogged about it... in my mind as I laid down to rest while my little ones were napping. When I saw my plants in the garden sprouting up preparing to nourish us, I planned to take pictures and share about organic, raised-bed gardening and then I blogged it... in my mind as I pulled weeds. When I got a new picture book in the mail, sat with my wee little ones to read, and become surrounded by big kids who didn't want to miss a great timeless story with beautiful illustrations, I recommended the book on my blog... at least in my mind, as I fixed the kids a snack after the reading/snuggle session. And when God taught me one of the many, many lessons I have yet to learn, I wanted to share how He affects my life, changing me little bits, day by day. So I blogged a lot about that... in my mind as I rode in the car on the way to our many camping getaways.

Hopefully, jumping back into my blog with a confessional will help to get me started back on the path to blogging. I look forward to leaving some evidence of the many things that go on in my heart, my head, my family, and my home.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds good to me! I've missed your posts...but I totally know what you mean about "mind blogging"!


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