Friday, October 23, 2009

Never say never

I remember the day I said "I'm not a cloth diaper person."

Look what's hanging to dry in my laundry room......

And look at this sweet diaper! If you could only feel how soft it is. It's made of cotton fleece.

And diaper cover...

I was talking with one of my sweet friends the other day. She is a mom of four little ones. We decided that she could be described as a "homeschooling, home-churching, home-birthing, breastfeeding, baby-wearing, cloth diapering, co-sleeping mommy". After discussing her description, she asked me how I could be described. My first reaction was just to say I was very 90's.

I had my first baby in the 90's. I was young, inexperienced with babies, and armed with my faithful, What to Expect books. Everyone in my circle of friends at the time was doing the same thing as I was. I had never heard of homeschooling, or home birthing or churching for that matter. I had never seen anyone wearing their baby in a sling. Cloth diapering seemed old-fashioned and unnecessary. And I was warned not to put my baby in bed with me or I might smother it.

Well, the things that seemed old fashioned then are in vogue again now. OK, they have been for some time now, but I'm slow to change. Yep, that's me! I started mothering my babies a certain way, and just stuck with what had worked for me. I had switched to Seventh Generation disposable diapers on my last few babies. So, I felt good enough about that. I really don't like thinking of bleached diapers on my sweet little newborns.

But after seeing some of my new friends using cloth, I asked them some questions about how much work it is. They assured me it was as easy as using the sanitary cycle on my washing machine. So, I got on youtube, watched some videos about cloth diapering, and decided to go for it! The cuteness of these little diapers alone was hard to resist. And here I am now, with Bum Genius and Kissa's hanging in my laundry room.

I'm not a die hard. I use my chlorine-free disposables when I leave the house and overnight. But I am having a blast! Who would have thought that I would love cloth diapers!


  1. Awesome! When I recently told Jason I was sold that we would cloth diaper he was ecstatic! (funny, I know!) He is thrilled on the cost aspect of it PLUS some good friends of our do it and the husband told Jason he can change a diaper in 30 seconds- it's no big deal!

    2 years ago no one could have ever told me I would lean in a more traditional lifestyle- just this week I ordered a baby carrier so I can wear the baby I'm nannying! (plus keep it for my kiddos)

  2. Yay for you! I had a peanut shell to carry my last two, and got a new over the shoulder baby holder this time. I love my sling when we're out and about!

  3. I had 6 Kushies(I think that was the name) when Kevin was a baby. They had velcro and were already shaped to fit. I used liners too. They were handy but I couldn't find anymore of them. I didn't want to fold diapers. Of course, they were used up in one day and then I waited until wash day to wash them so I didn't use them often enough. I felt like I was doing a little to help the environment anyway. I always used disposable when going places.

  4. Uh oh, Di! You're blowing my theory about the 90's!


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