Thursday, June 10, 2010


I'm not a cat person. I tried a couple cats as fur babies before we started having kids, and we somehow always got the bad ones that messed all over the house. But about a year ago, a pathetic little orange kitten with matted eyes showed up in our woods. She needed us, and she was really so sweet that we let her stick around. Frisky has been a very good cat, and we decided, after much begging from some of the children, that we would let her have one round of kittens before we got her fixed.

Well, our little kitty-momma is barely out of the kitten stage herself, but she did a super job! She blew up like a balloon, birthed four kittens by herself early one morning, and now nurses and watches over her babies attentively. She does look tired and worn out now most of the time now. Her hair looks wild, her sides hang loose, and she has new knowing look in her eyes. I really never thought I would be blogging about or even complementing a silly cat (don't hate me, cat lovers). But since I have recently given birth, and am still a nursing mom myself, I find myself feeling for all that our Frisky is going through.

I said all that to say, my heart hurts just a little bit today. Two of our little furballs went out the door in a cardboard box this morning. I thought I would feel relieved to have two less animals around, since we seem overrun now that the kittens have taken our grand total of pets to 10! But it's just unsettling watching a family be separated. My hormones and motherly feelings that are so strong when I'm nursing are making way more out this than they should. In my mind I know that it's not the same for a cat that it would be for me. But in my "Mom's Heart" I imagine what it would feel like to have two of my children just disappear! Aaahh!

Frisky is looking for her kittens. She is looking in all the usual places, meowing for them... gulp. I'm glad all four didn't leave at once, and if my daughter has her way, we will keep one. In the meantime, I will try to remember that they are not humans and this happens all the time. I think I'll call today to schedule Frisky to see the vet ASAP. I see retirement in her near future.

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