Thursday, July 8, 2010

Moving and Growing

My family moved a lot when I was growing up. And I liked that.

Each time we moved, I got excited about the chance to meet new people and introduce myself in a new way. I could change the things I didn't like about myself and turn over a new leaf. I could bring out attributes that I had wished I would have exhibited in the last place we lived. I could evaluate my strengths and weaknesses, and become a brand new me!

I'm realizing what a great preparation that was for my life as Mrs. Superman.

Certainly, the moving prepared me for living in 12 different homes in 15 years of marriage to my "change-is-fun" man. But that's a different kind of flexibility. The ability to adapt as a wife to new situations is what I am thankful to have been prepared for.

How many different identities have I had as a wife? Oh, the countless hats I've worn, like so many women do! And each time my life changes... as my ministry as a mother grows, and as my personal goals and interests develop, I morph into a new me. That's what we women must do, isn't it?

Besides those personal changes that I go through, I am also a product of my husband's changes. I find myself there now. As my man evaluates business transitions and new political involvement at this time, I am in "ready...set...adapt!" mode. It's time for my overly-analytical mind to go into overtime; thinking, planning, assessing, re-inventing. Thank you God, for your peace and your still small voice that I can rely on! Thank you for showing me throughout my life that change is indeed good, moving along to the next stage is part of life, and growing as a woman is your plan for me.

I have not always been perfectly graceful in my transitions. At my core, my personality craves consistency, structure, stability, and routine.

So often it takes me some time to get used to the idea that it's time to grow again. I almost always start out holding on tightly to what was the last version of myself. It feels good to just stay still. And then I slowly begin to let go of what is comfortable, and little by little I give in to what God has planned next for me. I'm in the middle of that particular phase of the transition God is working in me right now. But I am confident that God will see me through to completion, like He is always so faithful to do!

I am so thankful that God saw fit to gently teach me as a child that I can embrace new times, new experiences, and new demands without fear.

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