Monday, October 18, 2010

My parents' house

A smile and hug at the door. Love and peace flow.

Water goes into the tea kettle. Cups sat out in a row on the counter. We will be sipping tea soon

On the couch. Mom in her chair, Dad in his.

They want to know how we are... every detail.

A safe place

My little girls grab a book off of the lowest shelf on Mom's bookcase. They know where she keeps their special books... everything has a place and everything in its place....

there is order here

Sweet little girls climb up on Grandma's lap with that book. She reads every word with feeling.

Then it's Grandpa's turn. After the story, a tickle fight

We talk and talk...

about life
about God
about family
about struggles
about victories

I rest here

Dad tells a story about growing up. Life was hard. Such big, interesting escapades. His stories take our imaginations to flight.

My teenage son feels love and unity during the Steelers game. Grandpa pats his grandson's arm as he goes past to put on another pot of water on in the kitchen.

My boy gets his heart filled up

Mom goes to the kitchen to put out some snacks.

Pretty platters, carefully selected

She knew two weeks ago what she would be serving at this moment

This home is lovely

Ordinary visits, not an ordinary atmosphere

This place is full of warmth, not accidentally
Very intentional nurturing here

And holidays-

Tea parties...

tea pots, tea cups, beautiful table linens, egg salad sandwiches, muffins, cookies, proper etiquette, beauty

Christmas Eve...

pile of presents, Dad's train around the tree, delicious meal, Christmas platters and serving dishes, cousins, thumbprint cookies, grandparents watching for children's smiles


the best stuffing and gravy in the world, Mom's good china, warm house, good smells, and lots of relaxing on the couch after the meal


don't take off your church clothes until we take some pictures!
ham, Grandma's potato salad, special chocolate from Grandma to each child

A special place, unique place, just about my favorite place in the world-

a gift


  1. What a wonderful tribute to our home...thank you sweetheart.
    Mom and Dad

  2. How precious, brings tears to my eyes! How blessed you are!


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