Thursday, June 16, 2011

Daddy's Rhythm

Daddy's rhythm was a steady, steady beat

In the ears of this little girl

It never stopped-

This knowing that

Everything was right with the world.

As Daddy kept beat, I knew I was safe

I knew that no harm could come near

Nothing was too hard

Or strong or big

To cause MY dad any fear!

If Dad wasn't worried, then neither was I

Not at all, just ready for fun!

Dad had a good plan

For something to play

And if he had his way, I always won!

He was full of ideas for fun things to do

Rug becomes ship on the make believe sea

In the living room

All of the lights turned out

While he guided our boat back to safety

Keeping busy, we played his games of guessing

As we sat in the car while Mom shopped.

People passed by,

We imagined,

And laughed at our make believe plot.

Dad's drum beat had also a tune

It emerged from that strong, constant beat.

The words were,

"You're perfect"

"I'm so glad you're mine," and then again it would repeat.

His beat slowed a bit as I took my special place,

Standing on his toes for our dances together.

Those sweet moments

Tender and loving-

Memories that will last forever!

Dad's rhythm became part of this girl,

Self-assured, unafraid, and so grateful.

The beat of his drum-

The beat of his heart

Makes love real, unconditional, faithful

He still makes me feel like a small girl

He can melt me my heart with just a tune

When he talks

I hear drumbeat

And melody... Thank you Daddy, for all that you've done


  1. Wow, that was so beautiful, Dawn!

  2. Thanks Leah! That was so fun to write!


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