Friday, January 18, 2013

"First day of school"

Most people's kids are a little smaller than this on their first day of school.  But today, with my sixteen and eighteen year old children, I get to experience a different version of that "first day".  Austin and Sydney drove off this morning for their first college class.  They are attending our local community college for a couple classes this semester.  This will get Austin geared up to be a full-time Freshman at college next fall, and get Sydney started towards having an associates degree by the time she graduates high school.  How exciting!

They've already turned in their first assignment online, and got a message from their teacher this morning that they were in the half of the class that actually did what the syllabus asked, while the other half of the class failed to do so.  Go homeschoolers!  I have to say, the papers they turned in were very impressive, and wonderfully unique.  They are both bright and capable, and make this mother so proud!  And it's neat to see how they both came at their writing assignment from different perspectives, both being very well done.  I can't wait to hear what they think about the classroom experience and the teacher.  They've taken classes at Prep, so they have done the classroom thing before, but college is something a little different.

I am so, so very proud of you, my young adults!  You have been gifted by God, and you both seek Him in your endeavors.  I am never surprised at the light that shines through you, only humbled and blessed by God's grace in your lives!  I love you!

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