Monday, September 29, 2008


After a busier-than-usual week, caring for two baby girls with colds, hosting a baby shower, hosting church cell-group, squeezing in a mid-week birthday sleepover, attending a Kiwanis banquet, watching a presidential debate, and keeping an eye on the bailout situation, I have plenty of material to draw from and blog about! It's hard to even sort out the many thoughts swirling through my mind as I finally get a chance to sit down and take a deep breath today.

Even with the busy week that we had, my husband and I managed to sneak off to a matinee on Friday. I wanted to make sure we saw Fireproof on the weekend it premiered, since that's the weekend that counts most when trying to make a statement to Hollywood. And, wow! It was awesome! I knew it was about a couple who were having difficulties in their marriage, so I hoped it didn't oversimplify the solutions like some Christian movies tend to do. They did a beautiful job of showing the complexity of relationships and the hard work it takes to repair years of neglect in a marriage. There are also parent to adult child relationship dimensions involved, as well as a great example of a friendship/mentorship. It also shows the purposeful self-discipline it takes to follow God's ways. The picture was very well made, Kirk Cameron was wonderful, and the comic relief was real-life, laugh out loud funny. Please support this great Christian production and go see it! Just don't forget to bring your tissues.

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  1. Oh I so agree! I already want to see it again! It was so well done.


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