Friday, September 12, 2008

Poor little baby!

There are those times when unexpected little hiccups take over normal life for a while. The last 10 days has been one of those times for me. In addition to several spur-of-the-moment extra things that popped up and needed any free moment I could afford, the baby decided to go on a nursing strike. I won't go into the details of what all that entails, but trust me, if you haven't ever experienced it, it's hard to relate to. It is very different from weaning, and definitely a trying time. Tessa and I have adjusted, and settled into a routine that seems to be our new normal. Phew! It was not easy, but after jumping through some time-consuming hoops and experiencing an emotional (for both of us) roller coaster, we have returned to normal life again.

With all the drama that was going on through the crazy days of the "strike" that was accompanied by about 10 other out of the ordinary interruptions, I was determined to stay as much on our school schedule as possible. I'm very proud of the kids for keeping their responsibilities up. And I'm happy that I could keep up reasonably well with the normal schedule, considering how lax I have been in past years when life's curve balls came our way. I don't fault myself for being able to keep a relaxed schedule at other times. It worked for us. The kids have always tested well, read a lot, and kept busy with fairly educational activities. I've never apologized for not being consumed by keeping up with a rigid routine. But, as I've said in past posts, keeping a good schedule this semester is important to me. It's a grand task that we've taken on. It is something we are meant to do this year. Who knows what future years hold for us, in our educational evolution. But for now, we are to be faithful in what God has for us to do this semester. Thank you, Lord, for the grace that You send my way through the little difficulties that life presents. And yes, even though it seemed earth-shaking at the moment, I am thankful that my trials as of late have been very small ones. I am truly blessed of God!

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