Monday, November 10, 2008

Coffee and Tea

Now that the temperatures are dropping enough for it to really feel like fall, I'm enjoying a daily cup of coffee or tea. After pretty much staying away from a lot of caffeine during my last pregnancy and then for nursing, I had almost forgotten what an indulgence a warm mug in hand can be.

In my new life of having two "tiny ones" around while homeschooling three "big ones" I have been searching for my new me-time activity. What used to be quiet afternoons (the kids stole away to play together) and evenings with my husband (the kids went to their rooms early to read before bed), has been replaced by a pretty mug filled with a yummy hot drink at my desk while helping Andrew with his math. The leap to 5 kiddos and one of them now being a teen has somehow made any quiet moment a very rare thing.

So, the addition of the coffee cup to my daily tasks makes me feel like I'm sneaking in a little grown-up time without ever leaving a room full of my sweethearts. Silly, I know, but these are some of the things I think about lately when I'm taking a breather from thinking about politics and theology... brain crash? I just don't feel nearly smart enough to blog about those, though. I end up sharing my silly thoughts on my me-time!

My favorites right now: Constant Comment tea and Starbucks organic coffee (freshly ground, thanks to a gift from my sister... a Starbucks grinder... love it!!!)

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  1. I have 3 favorite teas and constant comment is one of them! I'm trying to add green tea in there too since I read it's the best's just not as tasty I think!

    We do organic decaf here. The year we got married I was having lots of tummy aches. Everyone thought it was stress of a wedding, school, etc. I was only having ONE cup of coffee every morning so the Dr. didn't think it was that either. Somewhere in there I quit drinking coffee for a while and the upset stomach went away. And eventually I discover I can handle decaf coffee just fine...I really like the taste of a good cup of black coffee so I'm glad I didn't have to totally give it up! Funny thing, but I guess it's a good thing that I don't (knowingly) consume caffeine anymore!

    Thanks for visiting my "new" blog too!


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