Saturday, November 1, 2008

Farm Milk

Mmm... once you've had farm fresh milk, store bought just isn't the same. Today we drove past beautiful fall foliage, hay-bailed pastures, quaint farm houses, and pretty red barns to pick up some milk from a local farm. I'm not sure what's better, the creamy milk or the scenery from the tree lined curvy country roads.

The Maker's Diet recommends using raw milk, although I have not been able to make arrangements to do that for our family yet. I have a source, but the pick-up time and distance are something I just can't do at this point. Here's a link to the Weston A. Price Foundation, which can help you find a local milk farmer and learn more about the benefits of raw milk...

The milk we are drinking now is from organically raised Jersey cows and is pasteurized, which is not perfect, but compared to the questionable standards of the organic milk at Wal-Mart it's so much better. And the taste is incomparable. It's fat content is much higher than any other milk I've seen and it makes incredible kefir. I highly recommend finding a way to get good quality milk! You won't believe the difference.

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  1. agreed. We buy raw milk in Claremore, OK at Swan Bros. Dairy...and get this it's only $3.75/gallon with no tax! I'm in Claremore every 2 weeks anyways because of our vending machines, so I just stop there on the way back to Tulsa (it's about 25 minutes away). I buy our cheese there too, it's heavenly! My sister is so funny, she always asks me, "Is this dish made with your Amish cheese?" It's not Amish, just pure, raw, nothing yucky in it dairy!


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