Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Garden time

At this time last year, my spring garden was tilled, seeds were planted, and I was watching out for frost. That was my first garden ever... and it was all thanks to my green-thumbed (the rest of his fingers are green too!) father in law.

This year is quite a different story. It's all up to me. Well, my wonderful husband is there for me, too. But he has delegated himself to the role of "tiller extraordinaire". Outside of that, he is quick to remind me that it's my garden, and points to the house full of helpers I have at my access! The kids just love when Dad does that...

So, in true procrastinator's fashion, I am noticing what time of year it is, pulling out my Johnny's Selected Seeds catalog, and checking for delivery times. OK, web orders ship the next day. We can do this! Now, where did I put those notes I made about last year's garden reminding me what to do differently this year?

Since most of my friends were astonished at the early start of my garden last year, I don't feel too bad yet about not having anything planted yet. But let's just wait and see how long the seeds sit on my countertop once they get here.

I'm going to visit my dear father in law this coming weekend, so I'm hoping to come home feeling energized. Is it possible for a pregnant woman to feel energized? I sure hope so. Because I so enjoy reaping the benefits of a backyard garden!

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