Thursday, July 28, 2011

21 years of memories!

On the 14th, Kurt and I celebrated 21 years together!

Do you know how many memories a couple can squeeze into twenty-one years? It truly boggles my mind to think of it. Like any other married couple, we have been through...

emotional highs and lows;

hard work and hardly working;

times of seemingly endless tears and times of laughing until our stomachs hurt;

healthy eating and living on junk food like kids left alone;

hospital trips and vacations on the beach;

birthing children and mourning babies that were gone before we even had a chance to hold them;

watching our friends get married and watching them go separate ways;

parenting children and building houses;

enjoying handfuls of dogs, cats, and guinea pigs, and starting businesses;

moving to new homes and visiting the same old places we like to go;

interrupted sleep and singing together around the piano;

going for walks and nice long "discussions";

easy afternoons of lunch and a matinee, and stress-filled evenings working on our budget;

and the memories go on and on...

Here's to the next twenty-one years!

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