Monday, August 1, 2011

Hi there, August, my friend!

This HAS to be my favorite time of the year! There's still summer fun to be enjoyed, but my heart is excitedly anticipating the start of our school year!

What happens during the next two weeks will determine exactly which day we will officially start our school year. Because of how busy this summer has been, I definitely want to make sure I get at least two weeks of some quiet time with less activity to rest, plan, and get our school room and supplies completely organized and ready. And, of course, August brings that slow transition to earlier bedtimes! ...(that always sounds SO much easier than it really is to do!)

I still have a few friends that I would love to see before school gets into gear, so I am anxious to squeeze that last bit of freedom out of the month. But I can hear the end of the month calling my name! BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!!!

The public schools in our state have moved the beginning of the school year to the very middle of August instead of the usual end of the month. That's nice for me, since my kids will be aware of that, and will be excited that we're starting our school year "late".

Enjoy your August, friends!

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