Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Been hiding out...

Sorry, I disappeared for a little while, there! I twisted some muscles in my back a bit, and felt it best to stay away from my desk and computer for a while.

Actually, for a few days, even just the thought of sitting at the computer made my back wrench!  But I am mostly healed up now, and anxious to get back to blogging and all other things cyberspace.

Besides my moments of disability, we've been doing school and life.  We had the privilege of a two week visit from a dear friend, Heather, who is a huge blessing to our family.

Macy had a 48 hour fever thing, and we've had a couple sneezers and sniffers in the house.  Even poor Heather got to share our germs while she was here.  (I'm so sorry, Heather!)

Since we're quite a few weeks into the school year now, we've gotten accustomed to our flex-schedule, and have worked out what is expected of each of us.  Also, having a guest with us gave me some new ideas and perspectives of some things I want to improve on.  Isn't it funny how having an outside observer around can cause one to notice the cracks?!?

With a surprise visit from my very dear mother and father in law, this week has become a special treat away from any boring routine.  So, between this week and the last two with company, there are some extra hearts to love and be loved by... this is what life is all about, isn't it?

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