Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week One: How we did

We did our thing!  

Of course, real life took over.   Yes it did.  

The schedule was very helpful.  Without it, our week would have led to complete frustration.  That schedule hanging on the wall gave us the ability to embrace real life, knowing that we could get right back on track as real life would permit.  The tasks would still get done.  (At least the important ones.)  The day would have some order.  And Mom would keep her sanity!

 I remember a time when real life would have frustrated me to the pointing of giving up on a schedule.  I also remember a time when real life would have been ignored for the sake of "school".  What a nice place for me to arrive at, six kids along- real life and organization walking hand in hand.  Not the perfection of a "dream" homeschooling day, but children who are learning about hard work, disciplining themselves, being flexible as life happens, and having some fun, too!  
Andrew- 6th grade
Macy- 1st grade

My high school aged kids don't seem to hang around when I'm pulling out the camera.  I hope to sneak up on them some this year, to capture a kodak moment here and there when they have their noses in the books.  But for now, here are some moments from this week:

Austin (11th grade) reading to baby Janie

Macy invited her little sisters onto her blanket at blanket time , so she could read to them.

More musical blankets- Tessa (3) and Janie (2) wanted to be together

This is how the girls came down on Tues morning... play dresses over their jammies and climbing all over the place.  That's Macy climbing over the chair onto her sisters.

Another pic from our impromptu nature walk.

Part of our welcomed "real life" this week... a visit from one of our favorite friends, Crystal!  I think she's dancing with the girls for a video Sydney was making... now that's love!
More real life love... dog-sitting a fence jumping, cat eating Rhodesian Ridgeback.  

We sure fell in love with this big sweetheart of a dog, Rowdy.


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