Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Janie's Birthday

Sweet little baby, Janie Kate, turned two on the 12th!

She had been singing "happy birthday" to herself for a few days, and had been practicing blowing out imaginary candles for days too... BUT she had not expected to be sitting so close to a FIRE! She was pretty scared. I'm not sure she heard any of us singing Happy Birthday to her.

Daddy and big brother had places to go, and we didn't want to wait until evening to sing to her and give her her presents, so we celebrated when we first got up in the morning. I had sent the girls upstairs to get out of their jammies and into something pretty so we could take pictures. Big sister Macy helped the two smaller girls pick out dresses and fix their hair. Janie came down in this dress that had a big messy drip (of yogurt?) right on the front. Too precious! As you can see from the above pictures, I got a replacement dress on her. But the photographing had already begun in the dress she selected!

Priceless picture! Three adorable and sweet little sisters... all so excited to be celebrating Janie's birthday! And you just can't beat the yogurt drip on Janie's dress, and Tessa's hair! The big kids couldn't be coaxed into dressing for pics that quickly, after being called out of bed to attend a bright and early party.

Happy Birthday, darling Janie! You bring such joy to each person in our family!

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