Monday, August 22, 2011

Schoolroom 2011

The schoolroom is ready for action! It will only be this clean and organized once, so take notice!

The right side of the schoolroom:
Left bookcase-
Landmarks, Trailblazers, and other history
Sydney's shelf (bottom shelf)

Right bookcase (top to bottom)-
Extra curriculum
1828 Dictionary, 5 in a Row books, lapbook supplies
Macy's shelf
Austin's shelf
Andrew's shelf
Tessa's shelf

Left side of the schoolroom:
Far left bookcase (top to bottom)-
Previous years' binders, National Endowment for the Arts freebies
Bible/Character/Inspirational picture books and study guides
3 1/2 shelves of fiction
Anthologies and Poetry
Childcraft books

Middle bookcase (top to bottom)-
Trixie Belden set and misc
Boxed sets (Little House, A.A. Milne, Homer, etc)
DVDs (Moody Science, Vision Forum, Diana Waring) and Audio Books
2 shelves of Science readers and reference
Picture books
Board books
Misc bulky books and empty boxes ready for girls to fill

Far right bookcase (top to bottom)-
First 3 shelves History and Biographies
Little Golden books and Dr. Suess
Last 3 shelves Preschool (puzzles, leap pads, blocks, etc)

Preschool area

Bulletin board
My desk
Pick up/drop off station (blanket time baskets, binders, and shelves for finished work, craft box and Handwriting Without Tears box underneath)

Incomplete schedule (still working on afternoons)

The bookshelves usually stay fairly organized. The greatest potential for quick mess are the preschool shelves and picture books shelves that the little girls use. And then, there's the fact that my desk is usually piled with "stuff" by the end of the day. The table collects stuff also. And the girls leave books all over the floor. Besides working more with the girls on putting things away when they're done, I'm hoping having a "Librarian of the week" will help keep the books on the shelves.

It feels good to have the room ready. The kids have started somewhat of a school schedule today, while I continue to work on printing out their school checklists, chore lists, and reward charts. By next Monday, we should be running like a machine! At least, as much as that is possible with six kids' worth of unpredictability! Let the learning begin!
(This blog post was a little early for Living Well Wednesdays, but I couldn't help but link to it... hope that's OK!)


  1. Wow this looks so great! Happy First Day of School!!! :) I love the librarian of the week idea. Here's something that we learned this year that may help as you work on their chore charts etc. If you put the chart in a plastic page protector, you can cross things off with a dry erase marker which wipes right off the next day, then you don't have to print things out as much. You may already know that but I thought I'd tell you just in case. :)

  2. OH I LOVE your room!!! I love that huge window and the schedules for each day of the week! SO great! And I'm humbled as I look at your schedule and imagine scheduling 6 children's school days! Simply amazing! You go girl! Have a great new school year and God bless!

  3. That's impressive!!!! Awesome job!

  4. Oh to be surrounded by books and learning!! What a perfect space!!!

  5. Thanks, Leah! I had just thought of the page protector, so it's funny that you mention it!!! I used to copy a new sheet each week, with boxes to check for each chore/each day. Happy schooling to you too!!!

  6. Thank you, Courtney! I am so thankful for that window... love it! I've done scheduled years, and not so scheduled years, and I'm really excited about our plans for this one!

    Blessings to you on your school year, also! And thanks for making it possible for us to link together like this! Awesome ministry!

  7. Thanks, Mrs. Brittany! I checked out your blog... talk about impressive! What talent you have! Be blessed!

  8. Thank you, Stacey! Yeah, I'm a bookaholic! And for some reason, God has chosen to bless me in my obsession... We are truly blessed and feel so privileged to be able to home school! Be blessed! (And great blog, BTW! I've got you on my Google reader now.)

  9. I love the pictures of your bookshelves! I'm a fan of reading and I'm a fan of having books for the kids available for them to grab. Enjoy your school year!


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