Monday, August 25, 2008

In my SPARE time!

As if starting a blog isn't enough of an addition to my "hobbies in my spare time" list, I have been trying to update and improve my social networking. Oof! I may have had 4 friends on facebook before this weekend. But family members are joining and inviting me, so I must be part of the crowd, right? And after looking at their profile pages and seeing the huge networks of friends that they have developed, I found it quite necessary to search for old friends and familiar names. I don't want to be the one poor sad person whose friends list doesn't even fill the "top five favorite friends" spot. Embarrassing. Really though, who would have thought when we were kids that it would be so easy to find people we have lost touch with? It's just amazing!

So now my myspace is updated for those family members and friends who do it that way; my facebook is filling quickly with familiar faces; and I'm starting to remember again to turn on my yahoo!messenger in the morning after neglecting it all last week as I was consumed with the new school schedule. And by the way, facebook does definitely seem to be gaining the upper hand in the social networking war, for those who may not know. I have determined not to Twitter, though! I homeschooling mom can go only so far...

So, if you do any of those things, look me up. And maybe between reading Anne of Green Gables, helping with math problems, and fixing lunch we can write on each others' walls and send each other bumper stickers. Is that kind of like what my mom said they used to do back in the day? She said that the ladies would have a great time talking and visiting as they hung their clothes to dry in their yards.

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