Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our first few days of school have been wonderful. The usual real-life interruptions have been as abundant as ever. BUT!... Having a detailed schedule to keep us striving towards order makes the world of difference. I must say, the thing that I always thought would be tedious and overbearing is actually freeing. Our schedule is our servant, not our master, but it's a schedule nonetheless. And I expect it to make our year a very successful one. The children even love it!

We have started going through Genesis using Omnibus I and various Old Testament study guides and books. It has been an incredible way to start the year. As the Omnibus book points out, we can only fully understand history (and the present, for that matter) if we have an understanding of our origin and the ongoing struggle that remains. It has reminded me of what I read in R.C. Sproul Jr.'s When You Rise Up. He says of Genesis 3:14-15, "Here God declares solemn war against the serpent through one born of a woman, but also promises to change the hearts of his elect, such that they would hate the serpent. This great battle is the setting of history, and therefore the setting of our lives. If we are his, we are at war, and that affects everything." Starting in Genesis has been such a wonderful way to get perspective on our history lessons, bible lessons, character studies, worldview, and even the little ins and outs of our days.

I hope to post about some cute stories from our week later today or tomorrow. I'll also be posting soon about Teaching Textbooks.

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