Thursday, August 14, 2008


We have several books from the Lamplighter collection. These are excellent books, worthy of being read over and over again. They are beautifully reprinted books that were originally written in the 17th, 18th, 19th, & 20th centuries. I just can't say enough about how much we enjoy these inspiring stories. So, from time to time, I plan on including some quotes from some of this wonderful Christian literature.

Here is a quote from Rosa of Linden Castle by Christoph Von Schmid,

(Of Matilda, Rosa's mother) Her first object was to make her child acquainted with the character and goodness of God, and to awaken and call forth in her tender heart a sincere regard and filial affection towards her heavenly Father. An ardent admirer of the works of nature, her own mind was often led through nature up to nature's God. From the windows of her parlor in the castle, there was a most delightful prospect; here she frequently sat with her needlework, and with delight and feelings of reverence towards the Creator of all, gazed upon the majestic glaciers as they sparkled in the sunbeams, upon the vine-clad hills, the blooming vales, and the meandering streams. From these she took occasion to direct the attention of her daughter to the wisdom, the power, and the goodness of God.

On one occasion, a beautiful summer's morning, she awoke Rosa very early, saying, "Rosa, my dear, come and see how beautifully and majestically the sun rises; behold those golden-tinged clouds, and those silvered mountains of our church in the village, as it rises amidst the tall linden trees with which it is surrounded. The happy husbandmen, refreshed by sleep, are hurrying to the labors of the day. There the whistling shepherd's boy is driving his flocks to the grassy hills- there the mowers are cutting the sweet-smelling grass- there the yellow grain-fields are waving ready for the sickle- everywhere we see the wisdom and goodness of our God. How great, how incomprehensible, and how good, must He not be, who looks upon all his creatures with benevolence and compassion; who provides alike for the poor peasant who lives in his straw-thatched cottage, and for us who dwell in a castle; who created this earth and fitted for the abode of man; who giveth seed to the sower and bread to the eater, and who has also made provision for our salvation, that when we leave this world we may live with him in heaven for ever." Rosa was deeply impressed with what her mother said, and involuntarily folding her hands, exclaimed, "Oh! how good and great art Thou who hast made all things for our good."

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